A Makeup Touch- Up Session with a Fabulous n Frugal Phenom

Hello Lovlies,

I want to introduce you to an awe inspiring woman. However the Face the Day NY intro is just a little different. You know it had to involve a fierce woman, makeup and a makeover in one. Without further interruptions I would like to introduce Kara Stevensauthor, blogger, wife, financial phenom, entrepreneur and basically an all around inspiring person. You see I met Kara when I booked one of my artists for her wedding last year. Unfortunately, I was booked so we didn’t get to meet. However, we kept in touch and she informed me that she has a blog called Fabulous n Frugal . Which is a women’s personal guide to financial empowerment and self improvement. Seriously, who doesn’t need advice on these topics.

Kara honored me by interviewing me for her Dream Girls section of her blog. And now I feel that it’s only right for me to introduce this phenom Face the Day NY style, with makeup and girl talk…of course.  Kara is pretty much a no fuss kind of gal. Her hectic career complete with a full time gig and also as a blogger and freelance writer for several blogs leaves her little time for prep. So I told Kara that I would go through her makeup kit and see if anything had to be updated or thrown away.  After that I would go through two looks natural and also natural with a kick of red lips for those nights full of networking events or on the town with her hubby.  Hopefully you can grab some tips from this post as well.

Kara’s Makeup bag-  Contained the basics lip gloss, concealer, a gold eyeshadow and gel eyeliner.

Before –  My approach Makeup Artistry is really mostly about enhancement and adding to my clients self esteem. As you see Kara is a beautiful woman so I don’t want to mask her features. This Makeup Touch-up will be focusing on brightening Kara’s entire eye area with the right colors that will make her skin tone pop. Also you will see what a difference blush can make when it comes brightening and warming up a complexion. 

 Mid Makeover – She’s already looking bright and sun shiney

 Mid Makeover – She’s already looking bright and sun shiney

1st Look – Kara can wear this daytime look anywhere. I just wanted to give her a look that corresponds and fits into her professional, go getter demeanor.
  • Eyes –  Kara’s eyes are small set so I wanted to create more space and make her eyes look larger. I achieved this by placing alight colorto place all over her eyelids. Matte Peach eye shadow creates a fresh, cute and eye opening look to Kara’s brown skin tone without being over powering or looking “too made up”.
  1. Crease- To create a little more definition in her eyes I contoured her crease with several shades of brown.  On her upper crease I applied Embarkand layered Texture  (both from MAC). On the “V” area of her eyes(the outside ends of her eyes) I applied Deep Aubergine ( a very dark brown) from Trish McEvoy to add more of a dark contrast and make the bright peach on her eyelids pop a little more
  2.  Finish touches on eyes –Highlighted her brow bone (area above eye crease) with Black Opal’sstick foundation in Golden Sand
  3.  Kara’s eyes were lined for more definition and I added a couple of individual lashes in short along her lash line and two coats of mascara to open her eyes a little more and add volume to the look of her lashes..


  • Foundation – I usedEve pearl’s Salmon Concealer in Deep to conceal and neutralize the darkness under her eyes and create a bright outlook. After this I used airbrush makeup to create a smoother finish
  •  Blush- I used a combination of La Femme colors Orange and Russet to create a natural warm glow on her cheeks .
  •  LipsMAC – Cork Liner along with Revlon Just Bitten in Honey Dulce and MAC’s Entice over to add a hint of peach.

2nd Look – When I was done I decided that I wanted to play around  with Kara’s look.  Why not try Red for a total power look. She can make all of her power moves throughout the day looking fierce with this red. I used Afterglow’s Organic Infused Lip Love Lipstick in Courage. 

Ok I swear this is my final look LOL. I took off the red lipstick because I wanted to see how Kara would look with a natural smokey eye.  So mixed Black Tied with Embark ( Both from MAC) on placed them on her lower lids just to add some depth to her look.  With her lips I repeated the colors from earlier and there you have it. See there is nothing wrong with a little smoke in the day time : )

To find out more information about Kara Stevens and get her very detailed advice about financial freedom for women click on her site : www.thefrugalfeminista.com.